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Brief History of lodhran

History of Lodhran

          Lodhran being District came into existence on 01.7.1991. Prior to this it was the part of District Multan. It is located on the northern side of River Sutlej. Its boundaries join the District Multan, Khanewal, Vehari and Bahawalpur. Raja Lodhra was the son of Sikh Raja Raam Dyo Minhas and his family claimed to be descendants of Sooraj Hansi Rajput. Lodhra’s family lived in Bahawalpur which later in the starting of 1743, populated in the valley of Sutlej and Bias rivers. This is why this area was known as Lodhar Wah. Malik Ghulam Hussain Lodhra ‘zaildar’ suggested the name “Lodhran” for this area. At that time, there were only 19 villages in Lodhran and it was a tehsil of District Multan. In 1924, the areas of Kehror Pacca and Dunyapur were separated from tehsil Mailsi and included in tehsil Lodhran. It is 32nd district of Punjab which is situated between the rivers Sutlej and Bias. These rivers make its borders. River Bias has now became a part of past but Sutlej River still flows.


          Lodhran is spread over an area of 1,790 square kilometers and is subdivided into three Tehsils (Lodhran, Kahror Pacca, Dunyapur) which contain a total of 73 Union Councils

1.   Tehsil Dunyapur          = 22

2.   Tehsil Kehror Pacca     = 23

3.  Tehsil Lodhran             = 28

                Total               = 73

          The main crops are cotton and wheat, others includes rice, sunflower, and sugar cane. The main fruit that are cultivated are citrus, mango and guava, while the main vegetables are onion, tomato, potato and cauliflower. But due to lake of agricultural water all crops are affected.  The climate of the district is hot and dry in summer and cold in winter. The maximum and minimum temperature ranges between 42oC and 28oC in summer. During winter, the temperature fluctuates between 21 C and 5o C.


          The main towns of the district are Alipur Kanju, Bahawal Garh, Bela Wahga, Sui Wala, Basti Pakka, Amirpur Station,Basti Arya , Rukanpur, Qadirpur Chimna, Layyalpur, Chelawahin, Adamwahim, Khanwah Ghallwan, Malik Pur, Qureshi Wala, Qutabpur, Gogran, Dhanot, Danwran, Rajapur, Dakhano Gharo, Choki Masti Khan, Borhanpur, Amirpur Sadat,359/W.B Gujjaran Wala, Fatehpur, Makhdoom Ali, and Jallah Arain. The total area of forest is 1,843 acres (7.46 km2). 

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